About Us

Who we are and why you'll like us

We believe that IT service should be friendly and you should feel better after we leave and not be afraid to call us with your issues. Your IT service provider should be prompt, courteous, and, well, you should like them… We strive to be good people first, then good IT people. Our clients love us and we consistently receive positive feedback about our entire team. If you want better IT support, look no further, you found us.


Our team cares about you and is here to help, so because of that, we’re friendly. We hear often that our clients are so thankful that we don’t make them feel stupid, we don’t talk down to them or any of that nonsense. We’re very particular about who we hire and that that they’ll fit in with the team and our expectations.

Simplifying the Complex

We’re here to help you use your technology to the best of its ability. This means we’re good at simplifying technology to accomplish your goals and not sell you or try to get you to use all of this unnecessary stuff out there. Sure, there is a lot of cool stuff, but at the end of the day, you need to get your job done and not spend all day learning new tech.


I’ll toot the team’s horn and say that not only are we super friendly, but we’ve got a great team put together and we know what we’re doing. We know how to build the right solution for your business with solutions that are within reach financially.


Our team consistently knows how to be flexible, as we’ve grown, we’ve had to shift how we operate internally. Our team will flex with yours as needed to continue to provide the most excellent IT services you’ll ever have.


We only operate with the highest levels of honesty and integrity, we know how critical your IT solutions are to your business and the level of access that our team has. That’s why we have a team you can trust! Not to mention, we have a ton of internal processes to protect your organization.

Planning for the Long Haul

We are always planning for the long haul, that means planning and implementing for not only what you need now, but we plan for the long haul. Our team carefully plans for the future of our business and yours, because when you succeed so do we.

Vision & Mission

Provide the highest quality technology services and do it while being personable, reliable, and detailed. Our IT service solutions are given the highest level of management and support using cutting-edge technology. With the utmost quality and consistency, we provide clients with effective solutions making technology an asset for them.

Core Values

  • Be an ambassador: We are proud to be problem solvers. Be an ambassador for our team in everything you do, do it with excellence.
  • Enjoy the journey: We make sure our team feels appreciated and valued. We take the time to stop and acknowledge where we came from so that we don’t miss how impressive the climb is.
  • Get it done: Clients trust us to build solutions that work and we take that seriously. Our team will overcome obstacles, find solutions and deliver exceptional results.
  • Evolve and adapt: The people that work here are smart, and smart people know you can always get better. Mistakes are even acceptable as long as you learn something from them. We believe your time at JPtheGeek should make you better.
  • Do the right thing: What do you do when no one else is looking? Our team acts with integrity, and honesty and focuses on putting ourselves in the shoes of others.

Our Pillars: How We Measure Client Success

  • First Response Time: We answer tickets and calls as soon as we can to give them a human has looked at this instead of it just sitting for days.
  • Customer Satisfaction: We strive for 100% customer satisfaction, we want to make and keep everyone as happy as we can.
  • Resolution Time: We resolve their issue as quickly as possible, and we do it right the first time so we don’t have to go back again.

Our Team

Jesse Pearson

Jesse Pearson


Aaron Pearson

Aaron Pearson

Service Manager

Malana Pearson

Malana Pearson

Onboarding Manager

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Christian Sutt

Systems Analyst

jpthegeek team

Brent Wright

Systems Analyst

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Jimmy Phillips

Systems Analyst

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Justin Kinney

Security Analyst

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Christian Tielking

Systems Analyst

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Philip Janutolo

Systems Analyst