Our Mission: 


When you choose JPtheGeek to manage your technology, you don’t JUST get a professional, you also get a friend.

About Us

When we started out over ten years ago in the back of Connect’d gaming center in Spencer, Indiana, we had one goal: Help our clients succeed and do it with integrity, respect, and a level of personal service the big players just couldn’t offer.

It didn’t matter if we were doing a one-off PC repair or managing the entire IT infrastructure for a busy small business. We made friends with our clients, secured their data, and helped them grow. When they succeeded, we succeeded.

We’ve come a long way since then. We now manage many clients, have servers in multiple locations, and even host our own backup servers. But we still offer the same level of personal friendly expertise to every client today that we did to our very first client a decade ago (which we still have by the way).

The Team

Owner - Jesse Pearson

Jesse Pearson

My passion is making technology work for you. Since starting JPtheGeek in southern Indiana doing computer repair, it has grown and changed so much. Our focus now is on small to medium businesses and mostly managed services.

Many years ago when transitioning business styles, we now have servers in multiple locations around Indianapolis. We continue to add servers, learn new systems, and continue to learn and implement new security standards and practices.

Jackson Cross

Jackson Cross

Systems Analyst
I’m here to try and make your life easier so that at the end of the day you can go home and focus on your family and not if you’re going to be able to finish your project on time because your computer wasn’t working. I am passionate and hardworking, and I won’t stop until I fix your problem, I know how important technology is in business, and I want it to continue to work for you!


We believe that relationship is one of the things that sets us apart from the rest. We strive to have a deep connection with our clients. We want to be not only a partner in your success, which leads to our success, but we want to be friends along the way. Friends trust each other; they are dependable, care about the wellbeing, and supports one another.

We believe that a business relationship that is built off of these values remain strong and ultimately provide an excellent experience for both you and the JPtheGeek team. We want to be the best at providing the technology resources that your company needs while being able to laugh and enjoy the company of each other while being extremely serious about the success of the business that you have built.


We utterly love technology, which makes it so much more than a job for us. We love learning about new things and always trying new things to best serve our clients. We will never know it all, which is pretty much impossible, but we will continually learn the necessary information to keep our clients in the best possible position. Because of this, we are steadily moving forward, never staying in the same place for long. Which in the world of technology is a great thing! Technology changes so rapidly that if you don’t keep up, you’ll fall behind very quickly.


We hold firm to our values of maintaining integrity with every client. We believe that a significant part of our connection with you is, to be honest, provide the best service possible, to not sell you unnecessary items that waste your money, and to be there when you need us. We believe that our values should be simple, and so basically, we will treat you how we want to be treated by others.

We believe that technology is here to assist you in what you’re doing. Technology should increase your profitability, and it should make your work easier. It should not be a constant problem or something that keeps you up worrying.

Our goal is to make technology work for you and increase your business in every way. It should never be a pain or a hindrance to your business. We want to work hand-in-hand with your company to help it succeed, because after all when you succeed so do we.

Our Promise To You

– Keep your budget in focus and make the technology fit within it as much as possible.

– We will never sell you things that you don’t need. Everything has a purpose that can be explained to you simply.

– Provide you with only excellent service.

– Prevent as much downtime as possible.

– Prepare your business to be protected in the case of an equipment failure or data loss event.

– Work around your schedule, to keep your team running as smoothly as possible.

– Maintain our integrity throughout everything we do.

– Focus on customer satisfaction with our solutions and products.

– Protect your privacy and your data to the very best of our ability.