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GeekGuard is the core of our services. We have seen over a 90% decrease in service affecting issues since moving clients to this package! With GeekGuard you can feel safe knowing that we have combined some of the best resources into one package for you. This combination provides multiple security stages throughout your entire company. Designed from the core to keep your business running smoothly and to keep your data safe.


Managed Services

DO MORE with Managed IT Services. Let us manage your workstations, servers, and network equipment. With managed IT, you’re free to do your business and not worry about the security, integrity, usability, and uptime of your IT equipment that you depend on for your business to run. We monitor your network 24/7, so you don’t have to.



Disaster Recovery

The best strategy is to have some disaster recovery plan, a plan to return to normal after the disaster has struck. We build a custom plan that matches your budget and how quickly you need to be able to be functional again. Through multilayer backups on and off premise, your organization would be safe from user errors, hardware failures, and natural disasters and more!


Cloud Hosting

Looking to offload some of your current infrastructures to someone else? We can host you in one of our data centers or work with you on Google Cloud, AWS, or Azure to build a solution that works for your company. Connecting your on-premise to the cloud seamlessly, we work with you face-to-face to create a solution that is, and that gets the job done quickly and efficiently.


Networking is a core part of any technology system, and it happens to be one of our favorite things to build. Building out the heart of your network is critical to keeping your business running. Networking doesn’t have to be overly complicated and cumbersome. Whether you need some small changes or additions made to your network or you need an entirely new system built, we can help.

Server Virutalization

By virtualizing your servers, you save not only the money of not buying as much equipment but also on your utility cost. We can consolidate your servers into a virtual environment for you. We work with Hyper-V and VMware virtual environments, with an array of storage devices. Virtualization also allows for many new options for growth and disaster recovery solutions.

Voice Services

Cut your phone bill by more than 60% by switching to VOIP. We provide industry standard phone systems for businesses. Remove the headache of an inflexible phone system and switch to a VOIP nonproprietary system. Our phone systems are fully functional and fully customizable. Reach out to see how a Voice Over Internet phone system can help your business climb to the next level.


Need a new website? Simple, complex, whatever you need for your site. Whatever kind of website you need, we can either build it for you or connect you with someone who can. We create clean, simple, focused websites for our clients, stand out on the web with a brand new site that you’re proud of!



Custom Solutions

These are just our primary services that made it onto the site. We custom build our solutions for each client. If you have something else in mind that your business needs, please reach out to us!






Why us?

Creative problem solving

By building strong relationships with our clients, we promise to be more than just the computer people that fix your issue and are gone. We want to be a part of your success. Because we know, that when you succeed, so do we. We will build a solution that fits right into your business, fits with your goals, protects your systems, and we will become a team that you can count on, and someone you enjoy working with.

Custom Solutions

We custom build every solution to match the exact needs of your problem, saving you time and money.


Through our experience, we can quickly mitigate your issue to get you running at 100% again.


We work with you to build the perfect solution that will fit into your budget.

proven technology

Throughout the years we have found a proven set of technology that when working together provide a best in class protection package that keeps your computers running longer, significantly lowers the risk of viruses, malware or downtime, and raises overall business stability. 

Time is money

Your time is valuable, shouldn’t you spend it running your business and not worrying about your technology? Contact us for a free consultation to see how we can help your business stay safe, become more stable, sustainable, and move forward today. Why wait?

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fast paced

We pride ourselves on the pace that we work, we never slow down, we are always moving forward, constantly improving and growing. With us your business will always be able to utilize the latest systems available to protect and provide for your business. 

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