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While this might seem like an easy question, it’s not because every client gets a fully custom solution built just for them. To see where you’d land, reach out and we’ll start the process.

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Yes, we requrie commitment terms based on the solution that’s going into place. We have to commit to our vendors and we purchase hardware for your organization. Our terms range from 12 to 60 months based on our investment.

Onboarding’s vary between 2 to 12 months based on the complexity and size of your organization and the solution in which we are implementing. We take our time to do it right and we take breaks in between each major implementation to give your team time to breathe and catch up with any changes or issues that might have appeared. We can go as fast or as slow as you want.

YES! Unlike a lot of our competitors, we answer the phone when someone calls. We do have an auto attendant to weed out the robo callers and help route your call where it should go, but it’s an easy press 2 for support and then someone answers your call.

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We like to keep our average response time to less than 30 minutes for all support tickets. Now I always let everyone know, that means a human being has looked at your ticket and we’re not triaging with the rest of the tickets in the queue. What does this mean? This means that if you have an entire team that’s down, we’ll see it and we’ll move things around to get that taken care of quickly, but if it’s a new hire request that starts in three weeks, it won’t necessarily get attention right away. We do this to be in the best interest of every client.

Security is at the core of everything we do. We build all of our solution stacks for clients with cybersecurity right in the middle. You need this to protect your organization and we need this to lower our risk for cyber breaches.

I won’t lie, our customers love us, we sit above 99% customer satisfaction at all times, generally we’re sitting at 100% most of the time, but we’re not always going to make everyone happy every time.

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