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27-Point Audit

We’re ready for you! Contact us to get a free audit of your organization, our audit consists of an internal and external network security assessment and a 27-point audit to go over all the important pieces of your puzzle of technology. 

We want to fully understand where you are today and most importantly, where you want to be tomorrow (okay it won’t happen that fast, but you know what I mean). I will warn you; this process typically takes a little bit of time. Here is our amazing process that gets rave reviews, seriously, everyone loves our process!


We come onsite to do our audit, we sniff around everything, run some software tools, ask about 3 million questions (it’s not that many but it’s a lot).


We’ll bring all of this back and then our software will generate reports, we’ll put together the 27 Point Audit from the details we gathered and generate a proposal of services to get you where you want to be.


We’ll have you meet at our office in Greenwood for lunch, then we’ll go through all of the reports, sometimes literally hundreds of pages of information, more if you’re in really bad shape, the 27 Point Audit and then the proposal for our services to get you from Terrible to Glorious!

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