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Delivering Peace With Your Team

GeekGuard By Your Side is suitable for organizations looking to augment their current IT team, or need help with projects. 

Everyone needs help. We can augment your on-site team by providing services from help desk support to maintaining core infrastructure with our proven technology solutions.

When you are trying to support the full spectrum of today’s technologies on your own, it can become overwhelming. We will come alongside you to help with your needs. We come along side you to help with what you need. Our core platform provides incredible security, patch management, monitoring and more. 

JPtheGeek can help in your most cumbersome areas, covering the simple help desk or the more advanced infrastructure and servers. Whatever you need, our team will be there to help you succeed.

Outsourcing small areas allows you to be the best you and provides the most advanced technologies, giving you a rock solid foundation for success. It costs less than hiring another employee and you gain an entire team to support your business.

GeekGuard By Your Side Agreements Include:

  • Remote & On-Site Support
  • Proactive Monitoring & Management
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection
  • Advanced Server Protection
  • Advanced Email Protection
  • Professional IT Consulting
  • Third Party Patching Management
  • Windows Patching Management

Want More? Try All Access

Check out our GeekGuard All Access package for a comprehensive package to take care of all your technology needs.

Have Unique Needs?

We will work with you to plan, build, and implement a custom IT solution that works best for you.


Our plans make disruptive computer problems a thing of the past. Our solution takes a proactive approach to your technology and allows you to work smarter and faster. If you ever need help, we are right there when needed.


You can rest easy knowing that we are monitoring your technology around the clock. We monitor for hard to find, hidden issues and search for their root cause before they turn into real issues for you.


We make it easy with flat-rate billing. Know exactly what you're paying each month. You get unlimited support with a simple monthly bill.


Our on-site team will be on premise any time you need to work with someone in person. We automatically schedule techs on-site to re-mediate issues before they become major headaches for you.


Through our proven stack of next-generation technology, we monitor real-time data and are alerted to information that our service techs may need to know about your business.


Our techs are not know for being the usual "IT Guy". They are personable, friendly and can explain your issue in a way that you can understand. They will leave you feeling better than before they arrived!

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