For Churches

Churches need protection too

It’s a dangerous world out there and even though churches have some extra protection built in, it is on us to protect what has been entrusted to us. Protecting the data that is on your servers and workstations should be one of your top priorities. We help you do just that and more. We understand church finances can be tight, that’s why churches receive the same care and services as our business clients but at a special rate. See below what is included in our GeekGuard service and contact us if you’d like to know more or for pricing. 

The reality is that small nonprofits may be among the most vulnerable to hackers for several reasons: 

  • Nonprofits are often understaffed, utilize volunteers rather than paid professional staff and don’t have the expertise or the infrastructure to implement and maintain best practices for security.
  • Most nonprofits use a reputable online payment system that is protecting credit card information. But sensitive information that is of interest to hackers goes well beyond a credit card number: User names, email addresses, physical addresses, and, potentially, passwords can all be put to use by hackers. 
  • Shadow databases are prevalent and easy for hackers to get into. While you may have a central donor or CRM system, licenses can be expensive. When nonprofits need to involve volunteers, they may extract information from the secure database into an unencrypted spreadsheet and email it out. That’s a far-too common practice and a dangerous one.
  • Finally, because they can. Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster and founding president of Facebook says: “This is core to the hacker mentality: We hack systems that can be hacked and leave the rest.” Hackers take over your website to gain a foothold to push a message or to spread malicious code to your viewers. Hackers take over your computers with malware that can turn your hardware into bots waiting for an activation to participate in larger hacks or attacks on bigger systems. Nonprofits are very vulnerable to these kinds of hacks because the hackers don’t have to work very hard to get in and are unlikely to be found out. 

GeekGuard Includes:

Automatic Backups

Backups send data off-site every 15 minutes automatically. Backups are encrypted before leaving and remain encrypted at rest. These backups are versioned and protects against ransomware.

Real-Time Monitoring

Data is received from all servers, workstations, and network devices every 60 seconds, giving us alerts to issues as they arise.

Enterprise Antivirus

Enterprise endpoint protection to protect against viruses and malware are crucial to stopping the spread of malicious software.

Patch Management

Windows and third-party patches must be kept current to prevent massive vulnerabilities in your system. These are critically important to test thoroughly before installing and install in a very timely manner.

Threat Management

Having protection at the core of your network traffic helps protect against anything coming and going from your network and keep intruders out!

Disaster Planning

We will help curate a disaster plan to keep your company running in the event of a hardware failure, employee oops, software failure, or natural disaster.


Have questions on a best path to take for your technology? Basic consulting is included to help you know the best path for your business.

Priority Service

Your problem gets fixed first! Members of this package get priority service over clients that are not a part of the package.

Faster.. Everything

Maintaining on a regular basis keeps your network running smoothly. Also repairs are made much faster because of the tools already implemented.

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