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GeekGuard For Nonprofits is suitable for all non-profit organizations looking for security and continuity of their data and technology at an affordable price point.

GeekGuard For Nonprofits is a special customizable package for nonprofit organizations. We know from years of experience that nonprofits including churches need enhanced security of their technology to protect the sensitive data that collect.

The National Council of Nonprofits has written many articles on the important of cyber-security for nonprofits, including this one that states: “Many nonprofits collect and store sensitive personal information that is protected by law as confidential. When there is a breach of the confidentiality of those data, that poses a risk for the individuals whose data was disclosed, AND for the nonprofit that will now potentially be subject to liability for the breach.”

It is critical to keep the data that you collect and store securely and responsibly. That is where we come in,we can help you protect your data and create good security policies. We also protect your network, servers and endpoints and can monitor them to ensure up-time and productivity. 

GeekGuard For Nonprofits Can Include:

  • Remote & On-Site Support
  • Proactive Monitoring & Management
  • Advanced Endpoint Protection
  • Advanced Server Protection
  • Next Generation Network Protection
  • Advanced Email Protection
  • Third Party Patching Management
  • Windows Patching Management
  • Technology Leadership & Strategy
  • Fully Managed Firewall, Switches & WiFi Replacement
  • Staff Security Awareness Training

Average Cost of a Breach

Travelers Insurance company states that the average cost for a data break is $221 per record with an average cost of 7 million dollars.

Value of Trust

While less tangible, the lost trust that nonprofits can experience from donors, volunteers and the community also can be significant and harder to restore, and can affect fundraising activities, volunteer engagement and partnerships with other organizations.*


Don't lose the trust that you have established with the people you serve. Protect their important and confidential data and keep your organization safe.


You need to understand your data and what data needs to be protected most. Regulations and people's view of privacy are constantly changing.


We make it affordable for nonprofits to have access to these enterprise level services. We know that you do all you can with every dollar donated.


In today's world you can't live expecting for it to never happen to your organization. You need to be prepared for the unexpected.


Through our proven stack of next-generation technology we monitor real-time data coming in and are alerted to information that our service techs may need to know about your organization.


Our techs are not know for being the usual "IT Guy" they are personable, friendly and can explain your issue to you so that you understand what is happening. They will leave you feeling better than before they arrived!

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