Hosted Solutions

Businesses that utilize the cloud operate more efficiently, bring their products to market faster, and grow their companies faster than those that don’t.

Peace of mind

Let us worry about taking care of your infrastructure so you can focus on your business.

fully managed

We monitor, manage, and set up any hosted solutions you get with us. We allow for you to get working as soon as possible.


Let our team build a tried and true solution that is proven and will work for your business.

just works

We keep your business running efficiently and cost effectively. Right alongside you as a partner, we want you to succeed.

Peace of mind

Hosted solutions through JPtheGeek gives you the peace of mind. Know that you can focus on your business, we’ll worry about your technology.

Custom Solutions

We provide each client with a custom tailored solution that reduces the burden of expensive through the reduction of hardware. Our solutions give them the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere while keeping their data private and safe.

You won’t have to worry about hardware upgrades; operating system, anti-virus, and firewall updates; battery backups; disaster recovery; or a multitude of other concerns that draw your focus away from what matters: your business. 

Greatly Reduce Your Capital Expenditures

When you choose one of our cloud hosting solutions, you eliminate large capital expenditures on hardware, software, and hiring and training the IT staff to manage it. 

We offer our hosting solutions, whether onsite or in the cloud, at a comparatively low monthly fee. Make your infrastructure an ordinary operating cost, and pay only for what you need.

Not sure if cloud hosting is the right direction for you? It isn’t always the right path for everyone. That is why we work directly with every client to understand your business and the direction you’re heading to provide only the best road map to your success.

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