Peace of Mind

Hosted solutions through JPtheGeek gives you peace of mind knowing that your business can do your business and leave the technology to us. We provide many solutions tailored to each client that takes the mess of the wires out of their building and gives them the freedom to work from anywhere while keeping their data private and safe.

We offer many different hosting solutions for clients including:
  • Windows and Linux server hosting
  • Web hosting
  • File & Photo
  • Phone Systems
  • and more
Custom Solutions

We work with each client to reach their specific needs allowing them the freedom to focus on their business while we take care of their technical demands. You won’t have to worry when the hardware needs upgrading, is that operating system up-to-date, is our firewall protecting us from current threats, are the battery backups still operating in the event of a power loss, etc..

Operating Expenses, not Capital Expenses

Another benefit of cloud hosting solutions is that you don’t have any significant out of pocket expenses for new hardware and software. All cloud solutions are provided as a regular monthly fee, helping your capital expenses greatly. Make your infrastructure an ordinary operating cost, and only pay for what you need.

Not sure if cloud hosting is the right direction for you? It isn’t always the right path for everyone, that is why we work directly with every client to understand your business and the direction you’re heading to provide only the best roadmap to your success.