The idea of server virtualization is simple. Rather than running each workload on a separate physical server, run several workloads simultaneously in the form of virtual machines.

You can create several virtual machines on just one piece of server hardware. This ends up saving you tons in hardware costs in the long run. Having the added benefit of increasing the strength of your disaster recovery plan, there’s no reason to say no!

Server Virtualization goes hand in hand with disaster recovery preparation. It is effortless to create highly available server solutions and great backup systems. Virtual machines are easily moved, upgraded, and cloned. Making them the best option for today’s fast-paced technology world.

Server virtualization enables system provisioning and deployment within minutes, allowing you to clone an existing virtual machine without the hours and costs customarily spent installing a new physical server.

Virtualizing your servers, or going the virtual route when upgrading your infrastructure is the only way to go to provide your business a clear path for disaster recovery, backups, and growth into the future. Server virtualization for small businesses isn’t as expensive as you might think, you don’t have to be a mega-corporation to enjoy the benefits of virtual environments and incredible disaster recovery systems.