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Geek Guard

Comprehensive IT Services

GeekGuard is a comprehensive bundle of services to manage your hardware and software, including your servers, workstations, network equipment, wireless networks, and much more. You can trust JPtheGeek to handle everything from your infrastructure and server maintenance to new user setups and day-to-day service requests.

GeekGuard includes 24/7 real-time monitoring and quick access to remote support for every person on your team. So if issues arise, we are available to help resolve it as fast as possible! From simple items like password recovery to more complex issues like recovering your data from ransomware attacks, we know that your business needs to have a team of knowledgeable staff to quickly answer requests.

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Managed IT

What You Get with Geek Guard

From desktop backups to server backups to highly available backups, we’ve got you covered. Having the proper backups and disaster recovery plan in place protects you from all sorts of disasters including threats as well as simple “oops I deleted this folder”

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Protecting you and your business is what we do. We proactively protect what we can, but we also prepare for the possibility of a data breach.

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Managed Cloud

Over-the-Air Support

AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Private Cloud, GSuite, Office 365 and more. All the cloud solutions you need to keep your business running in today’s cloud-driven world.

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Security & Surveillance

Keeping it Locked Down

Security is often overlooked with many businesses; it’s critical to ensure the safety of your data and company’s well-being with enhanced surveillance and security measures whenever possible.

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