Email Protection & Encryption

JptheGeek’s Email Protection & Encryption Solutions stop hackers before they even get to the subject line.

Encrypted Emails

Email is the center of business communication, which means it’s the prime target for cybercrime. 91% of attacks come through email and the social engineering of these attempts gets harder to spot each time. JPtheGeek’s end-to-end email protection offers the most comprehensive security on the market today.

With powerful spam filters, advanced malware detection, and real-time encryption to help keep cybercriminals out of your inbox, partnering with JPtheGeek is the best thing you could do to improve your business cybersecurity. 

Put a Stop to Malware

Your employees and customers receive around 100 emails a day and over 3.4 billion emails sent daily contain some kind of hacking attempt. To sort through those emails so your employees don’t have to,  JPtheGeek provides powerful spam filters that catch 99.9% of malicious emails before they ever reach your inbox.

And when they do, machine-learning algorithms are on the lookout for signs of phishing, spoofing, and other scams. By scanning the sender’s IP address, the message header, and the body for flagged phrases and words, you’ll be alerted to any potential threats.

Don’t Let Spam Slow You Down!

Your data is essential to everything you do so let’s work together to protect it. Our clients love working with JPtheGeek because we strive to be good people first and good IT people second. We love what we do and want to make technology fit your needs, rather than letting IT run your life. Schedule a free consultation today so we can talk about protecting the center of your business communication: your email.

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