Managed Services

GeekGuard Protect (Managed Services)

Managed services or otherwise known as GeekGuard Protect is our core offering at JPtheGeek. Our goal is to become your IT provider and manage everything from A to Z when it comes to your technology needs. This includes our entire stack of IT services, including all of the necessary cybersecurity services to keep you safe. The idea is to take the load off of you so that you can do your job without worrying about your technology. We know that when we implement our entire solution, it makes clients happy. With our 100% customer satisfaction rate, we know it works. Ready to experience better? Contact us today to learn more about our managed services offerings.

Why Managed Services?

Managed services is a term used to describe the proactive management of an IT infrastructure. The goal of being on a managed services plan is to allow our team of experts to manage your infrastructure in a nimble and proactive way, preventing as many issues as possible. When we build out a custom solution for you, and everything is implemented, we know from the experience of other clients that they love the solution because “it just works”.

Managed Services gives you predictable costs – you know what you’re going to be paying each month. This allows you to budget more effectively and gives you peace of mind knowing that your IT infrastructure is being taken care of. Contact us today for a free audit and proposal.

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