Small Business Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Stats

Small Businesses Need a System in Place

You received a call last night at 3:17am. It is the fire department and they are putting out a blaze at your business – everything is toast. Where do you start? Did the hard drive that all of your data is backed up on get taken home or is it sitting there plugged into the computer or server? Small businesses need a disaster recovery plan. We create specialized affordable recovery plans for your small business. These plans are highly affordable and create a multi-layer protection package around the technology in your business. 

Affordable plans that work for you

We will work with you to create the plan that fits your business to give you the proper amount of coverage and speed of recovery that you need. This keeps the price at an affordable level for your business. Simple disaster recovery plans start at $100/month. 

Our Four-Step Process

Step 1 – Analyse

We assess your business and the needs that you have to keep your business running in the event of a disaster. This includes: stakeholder engagement, policies and framework of your business, business impact analysis, and threat assessments. 

Step 2 – Plan

In step two we plan your disaster recovery system that will fit into your needs and systems. We plan out crisis management, the necessary recovery strategies, business resumption after the disaster, and steps to get back to operating as normal. 

Step 3 – Validate

You need to know your plan of action and what is happening to ensure that you could recover in the event of an emergency. We constantly monitor and validate that your off-site backups are running and ready in the event of a need to recover. 

Step 4 – Maintain

Through routine reviews and updates to the policy we ensure that your systems are all backed up and safe. We review once per year to ensure that you are aware of the plan and make any adjustments that may need to occur. 


Through proven technology provided by some of the best vendors in the market, we can build the perfect system for your business. Don’t wait to protect your business. If you are not 100% sure that if something happened today that you wouldn’t lose precious data or systems, contact us today to see how we can help you keep your business running!

Together we will make your business disaster proof. Contact us today!