Our customers experience a massive drop in system affecting issues when they choose the Total Care Protection Package. Greater system stability means more uptime. More uptime means more productivity. More productivity means more profit.

Services Included with GeekGuard

Automatic Backups

Backups send data off-site every 15 minutes automatically. Backups are encrypted before leaving and remain encrypted at rest. These backups are versioned and protects against ransomware.

Real-Time Monitoring

Data is received from all servers, workstations, and network devices every 60 seconds, giving us alerts to issues as they arise.

Enterprise Antivirus

Enterprise endpoint protection to protect against viruses and malware are crucial to stopping the spread of malicious software.

Patch Management

Windows and third-party patches must be kept current to prevent massive vulnerabilities in your system. These are critically important to test thoroughly before installing and install in a very timely manner.

Threat Management

Having protection at the core of your network traffic helps protect against anything coming and going from your network and keep intruders out!

Disaster Planning

We will help curate a disaster plan to keep your company running in the event of a hardware failure, employee oops, software failure, or natural disaster.


Have questions on a best path to take for your technology? Basic consulting is included to help you know the best path for your business.

Priority Service

Your problem gets fixed first! Members of this package get priority service over clients that are not a part of the package.

Faster.. Everything

Maintaining on a regular basis keeps your network running smoothly. Also repairs are made much faster because of the tools already implemented.

Add On Options

Device Encryption

Do you have extremely private data? Encrypting every device including your servers will keep out unauthorized users. Encryption helps protect against hackers, lost equipment, and more. Reach out to us for more information on how encryption can help protect your business even further.

Extend your protection package with our managed services. Managed services include a more in depth connection with our team and all of your support needs. Check out out page on managed services for more information, or reach out to see how we can add to your businesses success.

“Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.”

Ginny Rometty


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