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Access Control

Control the physical access layer


Access Management Control Tools That Give You Security And Compliance



Give your employees a physical card to make sure only the right people have access


Mobile App & Bluetooth

Use your phone as a digital keycard for hands-free access


Cloud Managed Systems

Store all your data in the cloud for enhanced security


Integration with Surveillance Systems

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Secure Lockdown

With just one click, protect your employees and data with an active lockdown


Schedules & Access Groups

Make sure authorized users have access at all the correct times


Filters for Access

Receive notifications of all suspicious activity, like unauthorized users

The Benefits Of Better Access Control Management

  1. Streamline your disaster recovery plan. When your surveillance is stored in the cloud, you have immediate access to videos and user access, which means you’re making decisions in minutes, rather than days or weeks.
  2. Simplify your employee’s access. By leveraging a tool your employees always have with them—their phones—you can avoid the need for lengthy punch codes or easy-to-lose keys and badges.
  3. Increased scalability securely. There’s no limit to how many users, doors, or buildings you can add to our cloud-based access control system.

Partner With JPTheGeek For Optimal Security

When you need to prevent data breaches and keep your employees safe, partnering with a managed service provider is the best way to do it. At JPtheGeek, we’ve found the perfect balance between being good IT people, and just being good people. We love our clients and want to see your business thrive. 

We’ve helped hundreds of people get access to every tool they need to stay one step ahead of potential threats—let us help you do the same! Schedule a risk assessment to determine if we’d be a good fit for your access control management.

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