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Microsoft 365

Managing your cloud


What Is Microsoft 365? The Reason Businesses Worldwide Are Using M365

As a cloud-based productivity tool, Microsoft 365 helps you communicate and collaborate more effectively with your employees, partners, and customers. You’ll get access to tools like:  

  • OneDrive storage
  • Microsoft Teams chat messaging
  • SharePoint file sharing
  • Office Online apps
  • Advanced cybersecurity and defense

With these at your fingertips, you’ll be able to streamline all aspects of your business in one central, easy-to-use platform.


Switch to Microsoft 365 & Experience
All the Benefits

Over 400 million businesses worldwide utilize M365 services, from companies with one employee to thousands. Here’s why you should consider joining the M365 club:


Cloud-based software lets you access your most important documents at any time and anywhere


Real-time, up-to-the-minute collaboration with your employees and partners means you’ll be more productive, whether you’re all in the same room or around the world


Knowledge is power, and with advanced cybersecurity measures in place, you’ll know your data is safe from hackers and other outside threats


Microsoft 365 Business makes it easy to adhere to industry and regional compliance regulations with built-in security measures, data encryption, and more.


Simple pricing makes it easy to get started with Microsoft 365, with some packages being as low as $6 per user a month


With a managed service provider like JPtheGeek, your migration to M365 will be done correctly, securely, and efficiently, helping you avoid expensive downtime.


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