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Cybersecurity for Private Education

Learn how Private schools can protect themselves


Private Education Basics

In order to safeguard against data breaches, it is crucial for private schools to prioritize the protection of sensitive information pertaining to students, staff, and the school itself within the private education sector where financial transactions and handling of minors' data are commonplace.

This includes implementing security protocols and comprehensive training for all stakeholders to raise awareness and cultivate a culture of data security vigilance.

Regular security audits, secure storage, data backup, encrypted communications, two-factor authentication, and password managers strengthen data protection and uphold the school's commitment to information integrity and security.

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Educating Children On Cybersecurity

JPtheGeek places great importance on educating children about cybersecurity, recognizing that they are the future guardians of a digitally interconnected world. It is crucial to instill a solid understanding of cybersecurity from a young age, especially in a time when technology is woven into every aspect of our lives.
Children need guidance to navigate the digital landscape safely. Empowering them to recognize  cyber threats is an investment in their safety and the security of our digital society.
JPtheGeek empowers children with the tools for informed and secure choices in the online world, ensuring a safer digital future.

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Devices For Schools 

JPtheGeek specializes in providing tailored cybersecurity solutions specifically designed for educational institutions. With our 24/7 support, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including device repairs, password resets, and proactive blocking of restricted websites.

Through our holistic approach, we guarantee that schools maintain a secure and efficient digital infrastructure, enabling educators to wholeheartedly focus on cultivating the future leaders of tomorrow.

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How JPtheGeek Helps?

JPtheGeek is dedicated to ensuring that your systems and devices are always up to date, providing you with 24/7 assistance around the clock. Our expert support will help you and your company stay protected and secure.

Zero Day attacks pose a grave threat by exploiting undisclosed software vulnerabilities, leaving no time for necessary patches. Consequently, we have witnessed a significant surge in data breaches. These alarming trends are supported by the latest data from the identity theft resource center, which has documented a staggering 86 zero-day attacks resulting in data breaches this year alone, compared to a mere 5 in all of 2022.

Get Started

  • Real-time data collection and analysis

  • Proactive maintenance strategies

  • 24/7 Network performance monitoring

  • Security risk assessments and risk-mitigation

  • Automated reporting on network activity

  • Capacity planning for system scalability

  • Secure segmentation of LANs, WANs, SD networks, and more

  • Compliance assistance with industry standards such as PCI DSS or HIPAA regulations 

  • Internet of Things (IoT) device management

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With a 100% customer satisfaction rate, customers throughout the country trust us to manage their network. With real-time data and clear analytics, you can improve your network health and serve your customers better. 

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