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Video Surveillance

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Why Get Video Surveillance Through JPtheGeek?

You might be thinking it’ll be enough to order some cameras online and manage them yourself. But here are some of the risks you take by not partnering with a professional

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  • Your data might not be secure because the cameras were purchased from an unreliable company.
  • You don’t know if the cameras can be integrated with your existing software or hardware.
  • The video quality might not be up to par and you won’t get any technical support if something goes wrong.
  • Some systems won’t have cloud storage for 24/7 access.
  • You have to spend time and resources researching, installing, and managing your own systems.

JPtheGeek simplifies the process of getting video surveillance and security alarms for your business. With our team of experts, you can set up a modern system with minimal effort that fits your budget. And, because we offer 24/7 technical support, any issues will be taken care of right away.


Minimize Business Liability Exposure

Having video evidence of any workplace incidents can help protect you from lawsuits or other legal issues.


Monitor Critical Areas from Any Device

You can access live feeds and recordings from any device, so you can easily monitor your premises even when you’re on the go.


Deter Unauthorized Access to Sensitive Areas

You can set up different access levels for employees and other visitors, so you can keep track of who goes where.


Reduce Crime, Vandalism, and Insurance Costs

Video surveillance can help you protect your premises from theft and vandalism, and insurance companies may offer discounts or other incentives if you install cameras and alarms in your workplace.


Improve Employee Productivity by Ensuring Employees Feel Safe

Video surveillance can help create an environment that’s secure so employees can feel comfortable coming to work and getting tasks done.


We’re ready to help you with all things IT. Give us a call or get in touch with our team and we’ll be ready for anything you need.