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Cybersecurity for Non-Profits

Learn how Non-Profits can protect their businesses


Non-Profit Basics

Nonprofits, especially smaller organizations, must prioritize cybersecurity services to avoid severe consequences, legal liability, and compromised privacy. Conducting a thorough risk assessment for data security breaches and safeguarding against unauthorized disclosure is essential. Investing in cybersecurity is a proactive strategy vital for the resilience, credibility, and trust of nonprofits.

Investing in cybersecurity services is not just a protective measure; it is a proactive strategy vital for the resilience and credibility of nonprofits, ensuring the trust and well-being of those they serve.

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Why Your Non-Profit Needs Cybersecurity

Nonprofits engaged in specific activities should place a high priority on cybersecurity to safeguard sensitive information and uphold the integrity of their organization. If your nonprofit is involved in e-commerce, processes donations or event registrations, or handles "personally identifiable information" such as medical details or employee records, it is crucial to implement robust cybersecurity measures.
Nonprofits that gather data on the preferences and behavior of donors, patrons, and newsletter subscribers must understand the significance of cybersecurity in protecting both the organization and the sensitive information they handle. By taking proactive and diligent measures, nonprofits can enhance their defenses and guarantee the secure handling of entrusted data.

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Non-Profits That Need Cybersecurity

These diverse nonprofit categories emphasize the importance of robust cybersecurity in education, religious organizations, arts, libraries, healthcare, legal services, and more. With significant digital financial transactions, nonprofits must prioritize protecting sensitive data.

Managing funds, client information, and collaborating with the government require secure transfer and storage of digital information. Robust cybersecurity measures are necessary for non-profits to continue their invaluable work with confidence, safeguarding their integrity and the trust of those they serve.

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How JPtheGeek Helps?

JPtheGeek is dedicated to ensuring that your systems and devices are always up to date, providing you with 24/7 assistance around the clock. Our expert support will help you and your company stay protected and secure.

Zero Day attacks pose a grave threat by exploiting undisclosed software vulnerabilities, leaving no time for necessary patches. Consequently, we have witnessed a significant surge in data breaches. These alarming trends are supported by the latest data from the identity theft resource center, which has documented a staggering 86 zero-day attacks resulting in data breaches this year alone, compared to a mere 5 in all of 2022.

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  • Real-time data collection and analysis

  • Proactive maintenance strategies

  • 24/7 Network performance monitoring

  • Security risk assessments and risk-mitigation

  • Automated reporting on network activity

  • Capacity planning for system scalability

  • Secure segmentation of LANs, WANs, SD networks, and more

  • Compliance assistance with industry standards such as PCI DSS or HIPAA regulations 

  • Internet of Things (IoT) device management

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