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Burglar Alarms

Protecting your physical locations


Lets Work Together

We help you protect your digital security and also your physical locations as well (since that plays a part in compliance). 

With modern technology, monitoring your premises doesn’t have to be a chore. Through cloud-based systems, you can remotely access live feeds and recordings of your workplaces. Keeping your workplace secure is critical for the safety of your employees and assets.

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Why Digital Assets Still Need Physical Protection

With a high focus on cybersecurity, it’s easy to forget about physical security. If you have a brick-and-mortar workplace, your digital assets and employees are still vulnerable to physical threats such as break-ins, theft, and vandalism.

Video surveillance systems provide round-the-clock monitoring of your premises, helping you identify intruders or prevent theft. And, security alarms will alert you of any unauthorized attempts or suspicious activity. With both video surveillance and security alarms, you can spot potential threats before they become real problems.


What we offer


Verkada Intrusion Alarm

With our partnership with Verkada, we proudly offer their cutting-edge intrusion alarm system seamlessly integrated into their platform. Alongside a plethora of optional sensors, the core of this system seamlessly syncs with their cameras, providing unparalleled video verification and seamless integration with the rest of the Verkada ecosystem. If you're looking for the ultimate Verkada surveillance system, this is an opportunity you simply can't overlook.

Verkada Alarm System

Honeywell Alarm System

If the Verkada system isn't what you're looking for, no worries. We also provide the Honeywell burglar alarm system, a standalone solution that has proven its reliability over the years. It excels at its job, offering cloud services like remote monitoring and access to arm and disarm the system. Rest assured, it fulfills all the standard requirements of a burglar alarm system.

Honeywell Alarm System


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