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Cybersecurity for health care

Learn how health care Companies can protect their data 


Health Care Basics

As a cybersecurity provider in the healthcare industry, we specialize in protecting the sensitive information and digital infrastructure of various healthcare entities. Health Care companies can rely on our robust cybersecurity measures to safeguard patient records, appointment schedules, and other confidential data. Our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions ensure the security of patient medical records and communication platforms for doctors.

Our commitment is to strengthen the digital resilience of healthcare providers, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards like HIPAA, and prioritizing patient privacy across the entire spectrum of healthcare services.

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Healthcare companies are vulnerable to cyber threats due to the sensitive information they handle, making them attractive targets for cyber criminals. 

To ensure the integrity and confidentiality of the data they handle, it is crucial for these organizations to prioritize robust cybersecurity measures such as encryption, access controls, and continuous monitoring.

The protection of patient privacy and the resilience of healthcare operations rely on a proactive and comprehensive approach to cybersecurity in the digital age.

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Health Care, HIPPA and Cybersecurity


HIPAA governs the security and privacy of patient health information, preventing unauthorized disclosure. Neglecting cybersecurity risks unauthorized access by cybercriminals.

The breach consequences go beyond legal implications and impact patient trust and healthcare operations. Implementing strong cybersecurity protocols is essential for patient privacy and HIPAA compliance, serving as a fundamental pillar for responsible healthcare data handling in the digital era.

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How JPtheGeek Helps?

JPtheGeek is dedicated to ensuring that your systems and devices are always up to date, providing you with 24/7 assistance around the clock. Our expert support will help you and your company stay protected and secure.

Zero Day attacks pose a grave threat by exploiting undisclosed software vulnerabilities, leaving no time for necessary patches. Consequently, we have witnessed a significant surge in data breaches. These alarming trends are supported by the latest data from the identity theft resource center, which has documented a staggering 86 zero-day attacks resulting in data breaches this year alone, compared to a mere 5 in all of 2022.

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  • Real-time data collection and analysis

  • Proactive maintenance strategies

  • 24/7 Network performance monitoring

  • Security risk assessments and risk-mitigation

  • Automated reporting on network activity

  • Capacity planning for system scalability

  • Secure segmentation of LANs, WANs, SD networks, and more

  • Compliance assistance with industry standards such as PCI DSS or HIPAA regulations 

  • Internet of Things (IoT) device management

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