Privacy & Security Policy

JPtheGeek or any representative of JPtheGeek will never sell or distribute your personal or business information to any party outside of JPtheGeek. We maintain your trust and service level by understanding your security needs; therefore, we work earnestly to maintain the security of our facilities and client data.

We will never purposefully sell your contact information to any party outside JPtheGeek. Any misuse of your personal or business data outside of JPtheGeek is grounds for termination from our company. We take pride in your knowledge that your information and data are safe and sound with us.

Even though we take many steps in protecting your data, there are still ways for hackers to break in and steal information. We strive to provide a safe network that is secure from outside people including hackers. We are working partners with Sophos, (formerly Astaro Securities Company) to help in maintaining the security of our network. We also work with Symantec, in their Enterprise division to provide endpoint security.

We invest enormous efforts into the security of your information that is held within our datacenter and do everything to protect it. With that said, by continuing use of JPtheGeek’s services you understand and agree that you cannot hold JPtheGeek responsible for any data loss that may occur.

JPtheGeek and all of its representatives take great pride in the securities that we provide but know that there is no 100% guarantee on data security. While we maintain backups to several locations to keep a copy of your data safe and backed up, not all backup solutions are 100%. We cannot be held responsible for hacking breaches into our network in which your data is compromised. The data can be loaded by you and therefore can be encrypted before uploading to JPtheGeek datacenters and this is recommended for high security data It is, however, solely the responsibility of the client and not JPtheGeek.

Terms of Service

While we make every effort to protect our customers’ data, it is the customer’s responsibility to maintain information on the hard drives through routine backups or other means.

JPtheGeek or any representative of JPtheGeek IS NOT RESPONSIBLE for any data loss while it is in our possession. JPtheGeek or any representative of JPtheGeek is not responsible for hardware failures as a result of upgrades or repairs, nor can we be held responsible for any discs or diskettes lost while in our possession.

It is the customers’ responsibility to notify the technician of all software included. The manufacturers’ warranty covers all parts only. There are no refunds on software, installed parts, used parts, special order parts, computer systems, or any services provided.

Merchandise not picked up after 60 days of original invoice date become property of JPtheGeek or any representative of JPtheGeek.

Account Billing

Accounts must remain current with all billing. This means that the bill is paid within 30 days of the invoice date. The due dates are clearly displayed on all invoices. Accounts that have ANY outstanding invoice past 60 days are subject to suspension. JPtheGeek is not liable for any expenses you incur from suspended services. 

JPtheGeek is not liable for any loss of time from service outages. You understand and accept that the world of cloud hosting can have its up and down times and that there are many variables that can cause issues between you and our servers. While we maintain over 99% uptime, we cannot be held responsible for any issues that arise. Customers with SLA’s will receive the proper amount of coverage based on the level of SLA they are on up to a total of one month’s bill.

By continuing your services with us, you understand and agree to all of these terms and conditions. You also agree to let JPtheGeek or any representative of JPtheGeek perform the work specified, and be held accountable for all parts, labor, fees and charges that are required for the work below.

Web Domains and Websites

Any website domain purchased through JPtheGeek holds a very simple policy: we do not claim ownership to your domain as long as your account is current. If you want JPtheGeek to release the domain and transfer it into another account your account must be paid current, at which point we will gladly transfer the domain. If an account has a negative balance, for more than 60 days, website domains are subject to service disconnect.

JPtheGeek or any representative of JPtheGeek does not own and is not responsible for any content that is on a customers website, images used on the website, files stored on the web server. JPtheGeek or any representative of JPtheGeek are not responsible if your website is hacked or hijacked in any way. 

Depending on the type of service that you choose to be hosted with the SLA’s will vary. Up-time is not necessarily guaranteed from any vendor. Partial refunds may be an option if the website is down for an extended amount of time (greater than 72 hours). Partial refunds or discounts will be prorated down to the daily cost of your website.